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Based near Chepstow, this inland quarry boasts depths down to 80 m and is a favourite site for recreational and technical divers alike. There is a range of attractions, both above and below the water. The underwater attractions include aircraft,  Landrovers and a gnome garden, to name a few. Above the water, you can enjoy a ride on a Segway, walk on water, or take a ride on The Wire, one of the UK’s longest, tallest and fastest zip slides, extending 700 m over the quarry. Accommodation in wooden ‘wigwams’ is available for hire if you want to make a weekend of it.

NDAC boasts a new cafe bar, The View, which serves an extensive range of hot & cold meals as well as a wide selection of beers, wines and soft drinks, has great views over the quarry. There are warm changing rooms, complete with showers, and an air filling station.use


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