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Chesil Beach is a good shore diving site, although entries and exits can be difficult as the pebble beach is very steep and is very exposed. The beach faces southwest and there is no shelter from the waves. However, on a calm day, or when the winds are from the east, some nice shore dives make Chesil a good complement to Swanage Pier. Chesil Cove, at the Portland end of the beach is usually a little more sheltered and is a popular training spot. This is the only location where you can drive almost to the ridge of the beach to drop your kit, and the walk down to the sea is shortest.

Close to Portland there are some nice rocks with kelp and all the usual rock life, and this provides shelter for a better selection of fish. Towards the Weymouth end of the beach there are a couple of wrecks which can be dived from the shore.

There is parking at the Ferrybridge. Further on at Parry’s Dive Centre there is a large car park, providing access to Chesil Beach. If you are diving through Parry’s or the Breakwater Diving Centre based in Castletown, there is parking right by the slipway at Castletown – £3.00 for a full day.

Toilets are available at Castletown car park and the Breakwater Dive Centre, which also has a convenient outside rinsing shower. The ‘Hard Wreck’ cafe at the Breakwater Dive Centre serves food and there are a number of pubs nearby.

Air fills are available at Breakwater Dive Centre and at Parry’s Dive Centre. There is a wealth of accommodation in the area to suit all budgets and tastes.


Chesil Visitors Centre

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