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Farne Islands

Diving in the Farne Islands is a great experience! The Farnes consist of almost 30 small islands and rock outcrops lying between 2 and 4 miles off the Northumberland coast. They are split into two main groups separated by a stretch of water known as Staple Sound. The islands are comprised of a rock that is easily weathered, with many faults. Above the water, there are many steps and sheer  rock faces that hint at the delights under the waves. Most of the diving takes place at the outer Farnes.

There are many wrecks around the Farne Islands that are easily accessible for divers, but the main attraction of the Farnes has to be the local inhabitants – 4000–5000 grey seals! Check out the video in our Gallery of the fun we had playing with them on our last visit!

There are several charter boats operating in the area, and accommodation is plentiful, in variety and price. There is also lots to see in the area on non-diving days, including Lindisfarne Island and Bamburgh Castle.


Farne Islands

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